National Seminar on Maintaining Quality of Life by Practicing Yoga in Modern Lifestyle

Organizer: Paschimbanga Rajya Pratibandhi Sammilani, IQAC of Sammilani Teachers’ Training College In Collaboration with Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (Bangalore & Tollygange, Kolkata) and Association of Creatives for Better Living (ACBL)

About the Seminar

  • When: 28th November, 2023
  • Time: 10:00a.m.
  • Venue: Sammilani Teachers’ Training College Barakhola, Krishakpally, Mukundapur, Kolkata-99 Ph:-033-2426-4743; ; E-mail:

Sub Themes:

  • Yoga can improve better quality of life in modern lifestyle and related problems.
  • Yoga the mantra of fitness.
  • Yoga the new world planning.
  • Adapt yoga and maintain better quality of life.
  • Mental distress? Adapt yoga maintain better quality of life.
  • Yoga can remove strain and stress.
  • Remove Psycho-Social problems through yoga.
  • Yoga education and quality of life in teachers’ education curricula.
  • Importance of yoga education in NEP-2020.


Papers are invited on the above identified subthemes from the faculty members, students, research scholars of the Teachers’ Training Institutes. Each Teachers’ Training Institute is requested to send their candidates to participate and present the paper in the seminar.

Quality papers on the related areas will be accepted by our Technical Team. Selected papers will be published in an edited book with ISBN with the consent of the author.

Registration Details

There will be spot Registration on 28-11-2023, 9:30a.m. in the following manner

  • For the students- Rs.100/-
  • For the Research Scholar- Rs.150/-
  • For the Faculty members- Rs.200/-

Submission Guidelines:

  • Last date of abstract submission: 24th November, 2023
  • Last date of full paper submission (Hard/Soft-Copy): 28th Nov 2023


All abstracts will be within 150 words (with 4 to 5 keywords)
Full papers (up to 3000 words with references) must be submitted before presentation.


  • MS Word format and Times New Roman font
  • Font size (normal) for text: 12
  • Font size with bold for heading: 12
  • Title: 14
  • Simple writing (no justification)
  • Spacing: 1.5
  • Margins: Left 1.5. Upper-1, Lower-1, Right-1
  • APA 6th manual model citations and references.
  • Table and figure will be in the text format and quotations will be in Italics.
  • No foot note and no page number should be given, if there is any foot note, then use that in references
  • Each abstract/full paper should contain title, subtheme, author name and his/her designation, affiliation along with his/her WhatsApp number and email-ID.
  • Research papers fulfilling all publication criteria will be published by reputed publishers in a book form with ISBN after the Seminar.

The Abstracts and Full Papers will be sent to


  • No processing fees will be taken before hand, however the published proceeding in the form of edited book has to be purchased on the day of the seminar itself and has to be collected against the required sum of money.
  • Declaration in this regard is essential.

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