National Seminar on Re-visiting, Re-reading & Re-imagining Partition Literature

Organizer: Department of English Shri M. D. Shah Mahila College of Arts & Commerce & P. G. Department of English SNDT Women’s University

About the Seminar

When: 20th – 21st of March 2023
Venue: Shri M. D. Shah Mahila College of Arts & Commerce, Malad (west), Mumbai-64

Mode: The seminar will be in OFFLINE mode. Request for ONLINE presentation may be considered with prior request and only if possible to do so in an efficient manner.

Publication: All the papers selected for presentation at the seminar will have the opportunity of publication in a UGC CARE listed journal post the conference. The papers will need to be revised and submitted within 15 days from the seminar. Any required revisions and reworking of the paper as per the peer-review will be a pre-requisite for publication. There will be a processing fees for the publication. All details including fees will be shared with the presenters in due course.

Theme of the Seminar

India is celebrating the 75th year of independence in 2022-23. It is also the 75th anniversary of the partition of India which is being observed as the ‘Partition Horrors Remembrance Day’. Partition was a transformative moment in the history of South-Asia that led to contentious identities, and came to dominate our imaginative geographies. The partition of India was one of the biggest sudden expulsion and migration of an estimated 15 million people, 1 million people losing their lives and thousands of cases of rape and sexual violence having taken place. However, partition must not be seen only as a singular instance of a political
event, marking the birth of two nation-states, but as a socio-cultural signpost that we keep returning to. As we move away from our colonial past and re-orient our imaginations of the Nation, the tenacious manifestations of partition resist a smooth transfer. Since the event of ‘partition’, there have been an unceasing stream of cultural texts that have responded to its varied effects. In this context a National seminar on “Revisiting, Rereading & Reimagining Partition Literature” is being jointly organised by Shri M. D. Shah Mahila College of Arts & Commerce and the P G Dept of English, SNDT Women’s University on the 20th – 21st of March 2023. This conference seeks to address questions of continuous imagination(s), readings and revisiting of partition in the history of the Indian Nation-state. In this regard, Partition’s political ramifications will be used as incentives to look at a host of representative measures that the South-Asian culturescapes have undertaken to read into partition.

Multiple geographies, languages, media, gender, caste, class form intersecting grids in the matrices of Partition. Papers are invited from academicians, research scholars and students on the various facets of studying partition literature.

Papers can be on the following sub-

  • Partition and Caste
  • Translation and Partition
  • Partition and Adaptation Studies
  • Partition and the Archives
  • Partition in literature published in 21st century
  • Impact of Partition the common people
  • Memory of partition in the times of the Digital Media
  • Regional literature and partition
  • Partition Cinema
  • Gendering partition
  • Disability and Partition
  • Partition and India’s North-East

The above listed themes are for the convenience of the scholars. These are only suggestive.

Please feel free to choose your areas of interest within the wider framework of partition literature. Abstract in 250 words, are invited for presentation at the seminar. Kindly include your Name, Affiliation & Contact details at the top right-hand corner of your abstract. The following is the timeline:

  • Submission of Abstract: 05th March 2023
  • Confirmation of Abstract: 08th March 2023
  • Full paper submission: 18th March 2023
  • National Seminar Dates: 20th -21st March

Submit your abstract by email to:

Registration: All paper presenters & participants have to register prior to the seminar. Some sport registrations may be possible only for the participants. The participation fees would include
conference material, stationary, breakfast & lunch for two days and a physical certificate.

Academician presenting papers: Rs. 1000 Must register by 18th March 2023
Research Scholars presenting papers: Rs. 700 Must register by 18th March 2023
Students Participation (I-Card is must) Rs. 500

There is also a proposal to bring out an edited collection on contemporariness of partition literature. Selected papers at the seminar will have an opportunity to get published in this as well. More information shall be shared on this within 15 days from the seminar.

Co-ordinating Research Scholars:
Ms Trishna Subba: 9002422632
Ms Shreyashi Mitra: 8240188238

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