National Seminar on Recent Trends in Historical Writings with Special Reference to Mana Ooru -Mana Charitra

Organizer: Department of History, Government Degree College Siddipet (Autonomous)- sponsored by: Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE), Hyderabad

  • When: 16th&17th, February 2024
  • Call for Papers
  • Venue: Conference Hall, Government Degree College, Siddipet (Autonomous)
  • Last Date for Submission of Papers: 01 st February, 2024
  • Seminar Publication: Selected papers will be published in UGC CARE listed journa

Every town has a rich history. There are many things related to the village traditions, i.e., historical Background, Rituals, Religious Harmony, handicrafts, etc. Go to the village, talk to the people there, and do research. Even if it is not a book, it would be good to write an article. But who writes like that? It would be good to go and write history. For the first time in the history of the country, a wonderful movement to write public history by the people under the name of ‘Mana Ooru- Mana Charitra’ was launched. In the 12,756 villages of the state, students studying degrees and PG are working hard to write the history of the villages. Writing essays with students on villages is part of the seminar. To implement this programme in all villages across the state, a ‘special questionnaire for the construction of village histories’ has been prepared. A questionnaire was prepared on seven aspects of the village’s resources: economic, historical, social, etc. It includes topography, water resources (rivers, streams, canals, ponds, and wells), and other resources (hills, hills, wastelands, forests, and arable land).

The teaching of local history in schools as part of the history curriculum has been advocated since the beginning of the twentieth century. Local history has been recommended as an active way of learning history and has become popular with debates on globalization and postmodernism in recent years. The importance of local history is emphasized in the new Social Knowledge and History Curriculum in many countries. The main aim of this seminar is to discuss the place and purpose of local history writings and explore the unknown history and culture at village level. It will review relevant literature to elicit the potential benefits and problems of using local history in society.

The main aim of the Seminar is to make the students aware of the importance of Writing History as part of Mana Ooru- Mana Charitra (Our Village, Our History). Historiographers of India have been developed through the decades. Various schools like the Cambridge School, the Nationalist School, the Marxist School, and the Subaltern School have contributed to writing History on various aspects. The students will be exposed to different schools of thought.


  • Local History and its importance
  • Village History and Culture
  • Socio-Economic, Political and Cultural History of Village
  • Tribal, Folk and Traditional History
  • Different schools of Writing in History
  • Village Medicine and Public health History
  • Archeological evidences in History
  • Importance of Literary Sources of Local History
  • Socio-Economic hidden history in the Village level
  • Untold and unsung Heroes in History and their contribution to the Society
  • Local Hidden History – its importance at National and Global Level
  • Religious and Cultural History- its importance in the Contemporary World
  • Destroyed Temples and their history and recollection of the historical evidences
  • Construction of history with Mythological evidences
  • Relevance and significance of history in various streams
  • Why history of Literature?
  • History of Fine arts and Cultures, etc of Local and unwritten History
  • Archeological Monuments

Call for Papers

Both empirical and theoretical research papers are expected from any of the sub-themes mentioned from the academia, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders. 500 words abstract along with the details of institutional affiliation, postal address, email-id and contact numbers of the authors are to be sent to the email:

send the abstract to on or before 1st February 2024 .

Registration Fee

  • Students & Scholars: Rs 200
  • Faculty members: Rs 300
    • Note: Authors & Co-authors must be registered separately

Details of Payment: Google pay & Phonepe: 9866611947 -Srinivas Kolipaka

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Seminar convener
Dr. Kolipaka Srinivas
, Associate Professor, Head & Chairperson, BoS, Department of History
Government Degree College Siddipet (Autonomous) 9866611947

Chief Patron
Sri. Burra Venkatesham, IAS
, Hon”ble Commissioner, Collegiate Education &Secretary, Education Department, Government of Telangana

Prof. R. Limbadri,
Chairperson, TSCHE, T.S
Prof. G. Yadagiri, Joint Director, CCE, T.S.
Prof. D.S.R. Rajender Singh, Joint Director, CCE, T.S.
Prof. P. Bala Bhaskar, AGO, CCE, T.S.
Dr. D. T. Chary, Special Officer, CCE, T.S.

Seminar Director
Prof. Ch. Prasad
, Principal, GDC, Siddipet (Autonomous)
Convener/Organizing Secretary
Dr. Kolipaka Srinivas
, Head & Chairperson, B.o.S., Department of History, GDC, Siddipet (Autonomous), 502103

Dr. Vasam Srinivas,
Vice-Principal, HoD, Chemistry
Dr. E. Srinivas Rao, HoD, English
Dr. P. Ayodhya Reddy, HoD, Zoology
Dr. Ch. Madhusudan, IQAC, HoD, Physics
Dr. Gopala Sudarshanam, HoD, Commerce
Dr. T. Mallesham, HoD, Economics
Dr. D. Sujatha, HoD, Pol. Science
Mr V. Gurumurthy, HoD, Public Admn.
Dr. P. Pallavi, HoD, Microbiology
Dr. K. Rani, HoD, Botany

Dr.M. Kondal Reddy,
Lecturer in History
Sri. B. Bikshapathi, Lecturer in History
Sri. V. Ganesh Lecturer in History
Sri. R. Nageshwar Rao, Lecturer in History

9866611947, 9052599207
Medak Road, Siddipet – 502103

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