National Webinar on Why Does Ramanujan, The Man Who Knew Infinity Matter?

Organizer: Math EcstasyMaths Aspirants Groups

  • When: December 22, 2023, Friday
  • Time: 8 PM to 9.30 PM (IST)
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Google Meet

N.B.: There won’t be any certificate of participation

Session by: Prof. Ken Ono, University of Virginia, USA. (Associate Producer of the Hollywood film on Ramanujan: The Man Who Knew Infinity ) Profile of the Speaker: Visit Here

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Dr. Vinod Kumar P., Associate Professor of Mathematics, T.M. Govt. College Tirur, Kerala.

Dr. Bijumon R., Associate Professor of Mathematics, MG College, Iritty, Kerala.

Ms. Anmary Tonny, Research Fellow, CUSAT, Kerala.

Ms. Unnati Shukla, M.Tech. Student, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.

Mr. Shamil Safwan, M.Sc. Student, T.M. Govt. College, Tirur.

Ms. Shikha Kumari, Int. M.Sc. Student, BIT, Mesra, Jharkhand.

Ms. Gayathri U C, M.Sc. Student, NIT Calicut.

Ms. Ajuna N P. Maths & English Tutor. Explore Learning, Leamington, UK.

An online oddessy through Mathematics is a webinar series organized by Maths Aspirants Groups, which is a community of those who are passionate to Mathematics. It’s a discussion platform of students, research scholars and teachers across India and abroad. It’s an initiative of Dr. Vinod Kumar P, Associate Professor of Mathematics, T M Govt. College Tirur, Kerala, India, started in the year 2017.

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