One Week Free Hands-on Training on Approaches for Screening and Characterization of Pre-clinical Drug Candidates

Organizer: The Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai- Supported by: Department of Science and Technology, GOI

About the Training (Offline)

  • Training Duration: 8th to 14th December, 2022
  • Registrations open till 18th November, 2022
  • Total no of seats: 30
  • No registration fee
  • Accommodation (for outstation candidates only) and food will be provided free of cost.

Host Institute and Venue

Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat, Solan

Eligibility and selection criteria:

The minimum qualification should be Post Graduate (Science) or B.Tech (Technology)/B.Pharm, Professors/Scientists/Post-Doc Fellows/ Ph.D. Fellows/Industry persons who are actively involved in R&D

Register Here

Selected participants will be informed through email.

Details of the Programme

Drug discovery is the process through which potential new medicines are identified. The process of modern drug discovery starts with target identification followed by in-silico and/or in-vitro drug candidate screening. Pre-clinical study is carried out before testing potential drugs in human clinical trials which involves extensive in-vitro (test tube or cell culture) and in-vivo (animal) experiments that yield preliminary efficacy, toxicity, pharmacokinetic and safety information. The potential drug candidates from pre-clinical study are pushed into well-organized clinical trials in healthy individuals and patients. 

This training program will emphasize on the preclinical drug screening which will include both in-silico and in-vitro experiments for potential drug identification. Seven training modules have been formulated which will give hands-on experience to candidates on drug target identification, phytochemical crude extraction and analysis of metabolites from medicinal plants, characterization of phytochemicals, high throughput virtual screening, and in vitro cytotoxicity assay. Overall, the training program will impart sufficient hands-on experience to the candidates for understanding and executing preclinical drug candidate screening process.

Practical exposure to instruments includes:

  • RT-PCR (BIO-RAD C1000 Thermal Cycler)
  • Analytical HPLC (Waters)
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Perkin Elmer AAnalyst400)
  • Fluorescent Microscope Olympus BX53
  • Plant Tissue Culture Facility

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