PG MOOC Virtual Course on Buddhist Tourism

Organizer: Developed by the UGC for the SWAYAM Platform of Ministry of Education, Government of India

  • Course Starting date: 18th July 2024
  • Eligibility: under graduate/post-graduate
  • The course is free of cost and can be availed via internet in any part of the world

The course aims to provide an outline of Buddhist Heritage Sites in India. The course will help the student to get acquainted with archaeological and historical remains of Buddhism in ancient India and their relevance in the present context; to promote heritage awareness among the society. A special advantage of this course is that it aims to provide opportunities for Buddhist Tourism Industry; to facilitate career-oriented knowledge in the field of Buddhist Heritage and Tourism.

Details of the MOOC Course

  • It’s a 4 credit course divided into 40 modules.
  • All modules are prepared and curated by experts in respective subjects.
  • Frequent doubt solving, ppt, questionnaire and other educational aids would be provided.
  • A virtual journey of sites like Dharamshala, Sanchi, Satdhara, Bairat, Kolvi, Vadnagar, Karle, Bhaja, Ajanta, Ellora, Telhara, Rajgir, Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Guntupalli, Amaravati, Nagarjunakonda, Phanigiri, etc.would be done.
  • This course is useful for the students of History, Archaeology, Tourism, Buddhist Studies, Cultural and Heritage Studies, Indology, Competitive Exams and Humanities.

This course will enhance student’s interest and knowledge on national and international Buddhist Tourism Sites and Circuits, which is fetching lakhs of domestic and international tourists every year and has a lot more scope to be developed.

How to Register

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Course Co-ordinator: Dr. Shrikant Ganvir (Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute Deemed to be University, Pune).,

Teaching Assistant: Oshin Bamb,

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