Poetry Writing Competition on ‘Meraki-Read, Re-imagine and Rewrite’

Organizer: Post Graduate Department of English in association with IQAC, Christ Nagar College, Maranalloor, TRIVANDRUM, Kerala- To commemorate the 213 th birth anniversary of the great American poet, Edgar Allan Poe

About the Competition

  • Participation is open to all.
  • Only one poem from the above three can be chosen for rewriting.
  • The entries must be sent along with their brief bio-notes which include name, designation, contact number (preferably WhatsApp) and a recent photograph.

Select any of his three poems given below

  • The Raven
  • A Dream within a Dream
  • Ulalume

You can re-imagine and rewrite the lines of these poems that echo despair and dejection into a pleasant and memorable experience.

Send you entries along with a brief bio-note which include name, designation, contact number ( preferably Whatsapp) and a recent photograph to merakicnc22@gmail.com – on or before 31 January 2022

Edgar Allan Poe is remembered for the creation of mystery and macabre in his poems. Evoking terror, passion and love, he had created a bleak universe unrivalled in literary canon. His best-known works eloquently communicate the deeply embedded emotions of human psyche.

Advisory Committee

Fr Dr Titto Varghese CMI (Director & Manager)

Dr Jolly Jacob (Principal)

Ms Rani Varghese (HoD)

Organising Committee

Mr Abhimanyu R. (Coordinator) Ms Arunthathi Devi A. R. (Asst. Coordinator) Mr Saju John (Student Coordinator)


Abhimanyu R: 8129718835
Arunthathi Devi A.R: 7025687860

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