Popular Science Writing Competition

Organizer: Prof.Sunny Kuriakose’s Research Group, St.Thomas College, Palai, Kerala, India

About the Competition

  • Your submissions will be accepted till 28th February 2022
  • Research scholars pursuing Ph.D in any stream of science and technology or engineering can participate in the competition
  • Scholars who have submitted their thesis or awarded the doctoral degree in the past one year are also eligible to apply
  • M.Phil and Post Graduate students who have completed their course project during the past one year can also participate to convey the relevance and significance of their work.
  • The medium of the article could either be in English or Malayalam.

Cash Prize and Citation

  • Ist Prize: Rs.5000/- and Citation
  • 2nd Prize: Rs.2500/- and Citation
  • 3rd Prize: Rs.1000/- and Citation

The ultimate aim of any kind of scientific research should be focused on the felicitation of the well-being of not only mankind but also the natural domain which we represent. Obviously, the language of science or research should be penned unpretentiously in plain words whose inner essence could be easily sensed by common folk who is not actively engaged in the field. One of the most important challenges a researcher could face in modern days is to communicate the conceptual ideas and results to the general as well as the research community. Producing aproliferant and fructiferous scientific outcome demands coordination among various disciplines.The language of science reiteratively becomes relevant in interdisciplinary research for better understanding and coordination. Keeping in mind all these legitimate facts, Prof.Sunny Kuriakose’s Research Group is organizing a popular science article competition for the research community for augmenting writing skills for articulating research. Researchers can communicate the overall idea and the significance of their research or any part of it in simple yet creative language to be picked up by the general public. The write-up could be festooned with inventive and unctuous metaphors or could accept the form of a story without altering the theme of the work. Detailed experimental and technical sessions need not be reported.

Article Guidelines

  • The length of the article should not exceed five A4 size pages.
  • The article shall be submitted in PDF format.
  • In case of any difficulty in Malayalam typesetting, scanned copy of the hand written article in PDF format will also be accepted.
  • The PDF should not include any information revealing the identity of the participant such as name of the participant or supervising teacher or their research institution.
  • All these information could be included in the email.
  • The submission should include a testimonial/covering letter from the supervising teacher with his/her official seal.
  • In case the candidate owns a publication in the relevant area, the front page can also be attached with the submission.

The submissions can be sent to skresearchgroup16@gmail.com
The receipt of submissions will be acknowledged

Contact: 9400378319, 9745180355


Dr.Mary Joseph, Dr.Aneyamma Varughese, Dr.Lucy, Mathew P (Late), Dr.Thomas V Mathew, Dr.Ambily Chandran, Dr.Cincy George, Dr.Sr.Sheena Varghese, Dr.Soumya Jose, Dr.Rekha Sree, Dr.Linta Maria Jose, Dr.Sherin Philip, Ms.Jissy Jacob and Ms.Nihita Linson


Graduated and Post graduated from Calicut University with University ranks, Prof.Dr.Sunny Kuriakose qualified CSIR-UGC JRF in 1988 after which he joined the School of Chemical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam for his doctoral studies under the guidance of
Prof.Dr.V.N.Rajasekharan Pillai (Former Vice Chancellor, IGNOU & Mahatma Gandhi University, Former Vice Chairman, UGC). He was awarded the Ph.D degree on “Molecular Rearrangements in Crosslinked Macromolecular Matrices” in 1994. During doctoral research, he was selected for the coveted Young Scientist Award in 1991 by Govt. of Kerala for the best researcher in physical sciences in Kerala. Prof.Dr. Sunny Kuriakose completed his Post-Doctoral Research on “Photostable Dendritic Nanocapsules” at Johannes-Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, under the supervision of the distinguished scientist Prof.Dr.Holger Frey with Scholarship of Johannes-Gutenberg University and AGFA Belgium. During the tenure of PDF, he attended and presented papers at various international conferences held at Germany, France and Switzerland. His international exposure later proved to be of an inestimable asset to his research group to always and constantly meet high quality scientific standards.

Prof.Kuriakose started his unorthodox and unique professional expedition in teaching in 1991 as a lecturer at the Research and Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, St.Thomas College, Palai. Through the whole of his academic chart, Dr.Kuriakose was always keen and stringent in maintaining the intactness of his own standards of perfection and uniqueness. His relentless contributions in the uplifting and augmentation of St.Thomas College to the present academic status are inexorable. He served St.Thomas College in various capacities such as IQAC member, College Council member, NAAC coordinator, RUSA coordinator, CPE (UGC) coordinator, Research coordinator, Head of the Department of Chemistry, College Vice Principal and many more. Dr.Kuriakose who is currently the Academic Council Member of MG University has previously holded many academic positions within and outside the university. He also marked his signature in the UG and PG curriculum restructuring of Mahatma Gandhi University and other Universities of Kerala for more than three decades in various capacities such as Member, PG & UG Board of studies; Member, Faculty of Science and member of various research/examination committees of
the universities. Dr.Kuriakose who always contemplated education with a latitudinous synergic vision, extended his scholarly and academic scaffold to various programmes of the state and central Governments such as coordinator and state faculty member for peoples campaign programme, nodal officer of NEP 2020, mentor scientist for INSPIRE programme etc. His stream of knowledge in spectroscopy and other advanced topics in chemistry and research always served as a source of inspiration to any disciple who seeks excellence. The voluminous list of invited talks in his career is a flag of his proficiency.

The challenges he faced as a scientist in an academic institution has never stopped him from bringing forth supreme quality research from time to time. His precise updation even in the most recently advanced and sophisticated areas of research in his field has always surprised his scholars. As a researcher, he produced 11 PhDs and 6 MPhil so far and some are in the final stages of their doctoral programme. Dr.Sunny Kuriakose’s Research Lab also served as a platform for over 70 in-house and many out-house PG projects. He is a member of 4 international research organizations, reviewer/referee of 24 international research journals and consultant editor/ editor/editorial board member of 4 science journals. He has an excellent publication record to his credit. He has published 207 publications including 65 original research articles in research journals of international repute with high impact factor, 7 books, conference proceedings, publications in electronic and social media, popular science articles, articles on socially relevant topics etc.

For his meritorious excellence in teaching, exemplary contributions in academic research and his commitment as a socially responsible personality, Dr.Kuriakose was awarded the prestigious ‘Berchmans Award-2019’ instituted by the Kuwait Alumni chapter of St.Berchmans College to honour the best College teacher among the Government and aided arts and science colleges of Kerala. Dr.Kuriakose who has been promoted to the title of ‘Professor of Chemistry’ with effect from 2018, is the first one to reach the designation from an affiliated college in Kerala. The sagacity of Dr.Kuriakose is not constrained within the limits of science and has already reached various realms and
schools of thoughts. He has also authored many popular science articles and essays in both print and social media. His broadrange,
benevolent humane visions and his philosophical and spiritual perspectives are all reflected in all his creative endeavours. Indebted to his multifaceted profoundness, Prof.Sunny Kuriakose’s Research Group is proud to organize a popular science writing competition among the research community

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