Quiz on Zero-Pollution Mobility Campaign in India

About the Quiz

  • End Date : 10 Aug 2022, 11:55 pm
  • Questions : 10, Duration : 300 Seconds
  • Rewards : Cash Prize

Zero-Pollution Mobility campaign is a corporate-led initiative hosted by NITI Aayog that promotes the use of EVs for urban deliveries and ride hailing. Shoonya, meaning ’zero’ in Sanskrit,  implies the beginning and origination of possibilities. Inspired by this connotation, the Shoonya campaign plans to revolutionise the transport sector with a radical and urgent transition to zero-emission vehicles.

The campaign has three key components:

  • Consumer Awareness Drive uses traditional and digital media to highlight the health and environmental benefits of EVs
  • Corporate Branding Programme recognises the efforts made by industry partners towards vehicle electrification by using a Shoonya seal on EVs, parcels, chargers, and driver
  • Toolkit includes a list of resources for potential EV buyers such as a cost and emission-reduction calculator and EV financing and policy map.  

You may visit Shoonya – Zero-Pollution Mobility Campaign’s website and social media handles for more information- Website: www.shoonya.info

The quiz is being organised to educate people on the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) and to increase awareness around NITI Aayog’s Shoonya – Zero- Pollution Mobility Campaign. The quiz covers questions on  EVs, their benefits, and national and state-level policies in India. 

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