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This is exclusively for school students from Grade 7th – 12th (12-17yrs).

Organizer: e-Yantra, IIT Bombay

About the Competition

  • The competition is open to all school students studying in Grade 7th – 12th
  • Registration Fee Needed
  • Registration is on an individual basis. After registration, we encourage students to form a team of two to four. However, individual participation is also allowed.A team can have members from different schools, different grade.
  • The competition is open for international students also.

The competition brings Project Based Learning to school students ONLINE. The duration is 10-12 weeks from the time of registration to final task. Winners are eligible for exciting Certificates, Goodies and Cash prizes.

The Game Inventor Competition is developed by e-Yantra to teach the basics of programming while developing some popular games we all love to play. This competition helps students to get their hands dirty with one of the leading programming language i.e. Python.

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Why take part in this competition?

Develop real-world problem-solving skills

  • The real-world problem statement is abstracted into a gamified approach of solving the problem.
  • The student teams work on these Tasks – each Task being a step in learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) concepts.
  • Every competition will comprise a Learning mode & a Competition mode.

e-Yantra is one of India’s leading Robotics Outreach Programs funded by the Ministry of Education(MoE), Government of India. We teach “problem-solving” method for learners to engage with knowledge using “Project Based Learning (PBL).”

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