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Forensic Aptitude and Caliber Test (FACT) and FACT Plus are All-India Tests that aim to test the comprehensive aptitude and skills of Post Graduate subjects in Forensic Science. FACT is a screening test being introduced in 2018 as a test of forensic science caliber for students obtaining their degrees from various universities. The FACT qualification of a candidate reflects the relative knowledge and certifies minimum level of understanding of forensic science.

About the Examination

  • Last Date to Apply: 10 May 2024

The FACT (Basic examination for post-graduate candidates) will test the candidates in pure sciences to understand their command over basic concepts. FACT Plus (Advanced level of examination for post-graduate candidate who have cleared NET/GATE/GPAT/Working Experience, will test the aptitude of the candidates towards forensic science related matters.

FACT qualification is intended to be used as a qualifying criterion for recruitment by FSLs and other such agencies. The test will be conducted for two levels i.e. FACT for assessing the skill level of the candidates to analyze the crime exhibits referred in the FSLs and interpret the results with basic training to assist in simple cases and FACT Plus for testing the candidates as specialized personnel to handle precision instruments and infer precise results. The eligibility for recruitment for FACT qualified candidates will be subject to fulfilling the criteria laid down by the recruiting organization.

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