Register Now: Kisan Diwas – Cultivating Innovation & Sparking Competition

Organizer: MoE’s Institution’s Innovation Council, Ministry of Education (MoE’s), Government of India, Gulzar Group of Institutions, Ludhiana (C-10318)

Farmer Innovation Story Competition

Theme: Share the remarkable journey of a farmer who has pioneered innovative practices on their land.

Format (Select Any):

  • Written Narratives: Submit a compelling written story (max. 1000 words) highlighting the farmer’s innovative approach, its impact on their farm, and its potential benefits for others.
  • Video Testimonials: Create a short video (max. 3 minutes) featuring the farmer personally explaining their innovation and its journey.
  • Creative Multimedia Presentations: Employ multimedia elements like infographics, animations, or photos to tell the story in a unique and engaging way.


  • Ingenuity & Novelty: How original and impactful is the farmer’s innovation?
  • Farm-Level Impact: Has the practice demonstrably improved productivity, sustainability, or profitability?
  • Wider Adoption Potential: Can the innovation be easily replicated and adapted by other farmers?


  • Recognition , media coverage, and potential funding or resources to support the farmer’s work.

Photo & Art Contest

Theme: Capture the essence of rural India, the transformative power of agricultural innovation, or the unbreakable bond between farmers and the land.

Format (Select Any):

  • Photos: Submit high-resolution photos (min. 2048px) that creatively capture the chosen theme. Landscapes, portraits, action shots, or artistic interpretations are all welcome.
  • Artwork: Paintings, drawings, sculptures, or any other original art form depicting the theme in a captivating way. Ensure clear digital copies submitted.


  • Creativity & Originality: Does the work stand out with its unique perspective and artistic merit?
  • Theme Representation: How effectively does the piece capture the essence of Kisan Diwas and agricultural innovation?
  • Emotional Impact: Does the work evoke feelings of connection, inspiration, or appreciation for farmers?


  • Grand Prize: Recognition  for the winning photographer or artist, feature in publications  opportunities

General Guidelines:

  • Eligibility: Open to all participants across India and the world.
  • Submission Deadline: December 26th, 2023.
  • Submission Platform: [ ]
  • Subject Line Format: “[Name] – [Chosen Format] –  Kisan Diwas
  • File Format: PPT / Word / PDF
  • File Size Limit: 10 MB

Spread the word and encourage farmers, artists, and everyone passionate about agriculture to join this virtual celebration! Let’s cultivate innovation, inspire each other, and celebrate the spirit of Kisan Diwas together!

Additional Information

For more information about the competition, please visit the Innovation Council website Visit Here or email 

Event Coordinator: 

Ashish Kumar Bhateja 9417732687

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