Seminar on Sacred Places, Sacred Water-bodies; Perspectives for Sustainable Development

SOCIETY OF PILGRIMAGE STUDIES, Kumbha Mela 2025, Prayagraj, India

  • When: January 25-27, 2025
  • Venue: SPS Camp in the Mela
  • Registration Fee Needed
  • Call for Papers

This UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage green Kumbha mela on the bed of the Ganga- Yamuna rivers is expected to attract more than 300 million pilgrims, tourists and visitors over the 45 day period starting from January 13 to February 26. Pilgrimage to sacred places and water-bodies is one of the most ancient practices associated with a variety of religious and spiritual traditions and beliefs recommended by all religions. Pilgrimage is place oriented and no sacred place is without river, pool or spring. Water is life, elixir of immortality and ensures sustainable life and creative energy. The healing quality of water-bodies gave growth to sacred places. The conference will explore the various dimensions of pilgrimage, impact of religious tourism and globalization, power and peace, miracle and healing, astronomy and space, etc. It is essential to focus on sustainable development of sacred places and water-bodies for future generations.

Abstract Submission

Abstract (300 words) should be submitted by October 15, 2024 and submitting a draft not more than 10,000 words by December 30, 2024. Registration fee: US$ 300 only. January 28-29, 2025 will be reserved to explore the ritual-space and feel the power of a dip in the holy waters. Accommodation is available in the camp of the SPS in Mela as well as in a private house. Only veg. pilgrim food will be served. Those intending to stay extra days may contact personally. The season is chilly cold winter. The location of camp in the Kumbha town on the river-bed will be informed in the first week of January 2025.

Contact: Prof. dr. D P Dubey, General Secretary,

Phone: +91 9415351832, +91 7007859694

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