Session on Breaking Barriers: Towards Inclusive Employment Practices for Persons with Disabilities in Kerala

About the Session

  • When: 31 May 2024 • 20:00 – 21:30
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  • Platform: Microsoft Teams

Center for Management Development is currently engaged in the significant task of revising the Kerala State Policy for Persons with Disability in collaboration with the Kerala State Department of Social Justice. As part of this process, we are organizing a series of panel discussions to gather invaluable insights and perspectives from experts .

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This discussion will focus on inclusive employment and will discuss the following questions, among others.

  • Are there specific challenges persons with disabilities face in the workplaces in Kerala and in the global south, and how can the revised Kerala state policy for persons with disabilities be structured to address these challenges while targeting both public and private employers to ensure inclusive employment practices across all sectors?
  • How can the revised policy establish mechanisms to hold both public and private employers accountable for creating accessible workplaces and ensuring equitable opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in the workforce, especially in light of the unique challenges faced in Kerala’s workplaces?
  • In what manner can the revised policy be designed to effectively address the specific needs and challenges encountered by both public and private employers in implementing inclusive employment practices for persons with disabilities in Kerala, offering tailored support and guidance suited to the state’s distinctive socio-economic landscape?
  • The discussion will feature leading academics, senior bureaucrats, and other stakeholders from Kerala

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