Session on Feminist Epistemologies: A Sociological Journey

Organizer: Department of Philosophy, University of HyderabadPart of Lecture Series – What is Knowledge and Knowing : Disciplinary Perspectives 

About the Session

  • When: 2023, Apr-6, 3:00 P.M. IST
  • Venue: Seminar Hall, Dept. of Philosophy
  • Virtual Platform: Google Meet

Session by: Prof. Aparna Rayaprol, Department of Sociology, UoH

The focus in this talk is on the ways in which feminist perspectives have shaped research in the social sciences, in general, and sociology in particular. The early positivistic preoccupation with the need to provide a science of society was replaced by a consciousness of understanding society from the point of view of the researched. I find that the sociological journey has been quite transformative with the use of feminist epistemologies and ways of knowing. The examples of feminist scholarship that I will discuss are an indication of the enormous interdisciplinary work that has been undertaken in gender studies and sociology in the last four decades. I will share my sociological understanding that knowledge production is shaped by multiple standpoints in society, often represented by the concept of intersectionality.

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