Session on Wild Incubator Tech Programme: Wildlife Conservation Through Technology

Organizer: Centre for Wildlife Studies

  • When: 11 June 2024
  • Time: 3:00 PM IST 1 5:30 AM EST | 9:30 AM GMT
  • Free Registration
  • Virtual platform: Zoom

Session by: Sumit Arora, Director, Technology and Partnerships Centre for Wildlife Studies

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India’s unique biodiversity faces specific conservation challenges, necessitating the development of innovative, technology-driven solutions tailored to its distinct environmental and socio-economic contexts. There is a history of technology usage for the conservation of biodiversity in India by leading scientists and organizations; however, most of the technologies have been imported, and these technologies were not created with Indian Wildlife Protected Areas in mind.

The Wildlife Incubator Tech is designed to address the gap of Indian innovation and the scalability of wildlife conservation solutions. By focusing on the development of India-specific technological solutions, the incubator will foster innovations that are directly aligned with the unique conservation needs of India’s diverse habitats.

This initiative will concentrate on three core areas: fostering innovation tailored to Indian ecosystems, providing a platform for the creation, testing, and scaling of effective conservation technologies, and building the necessary infrastructure to support and amplify homegrown solutions. Join us to learn more about this opportunity on 10 June 2024. 15:00 hrs. IST, as Mr. Sumit Arora, Director, Technology and Partnerships (Centre for Wildlife Studies), shares more about the program eligibility and process

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