Short Term Course on Sensors Technology

Organizer: Department of Sciences and
Humanities (Physics), Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and
Manufacturing, Kancheepuram,
Chennai – 600 127,

About the Session

  • When: 14th-19th March 2022
  • Free Registration
  • Online Platform



Sensors technology course aims to elucidate
sensors concept of portion allied with infrared
(IR) image sensors for defence technology,
photodetectors for optical sensors, and gas
sensors for health monitoring. Generally, a
sensor is a device that detects the change
in the environment and responds to some
output on the other system. Most of the
technologies such as optical communication,
video imaging, night vision, biomedical
imaging, motion detection, gas sensing, and
renewable energy include the application of photodetectors which are used in our daily

New semiconductor materials and devices are
the subversive frontier technology emerging
among the international research community in
recent years and also a propeller for the
development of new sensor technology. This
course will predominantly focus on the current
status and future development of semiconductor
materials and sensor devices.

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The objectives of the short-term course are the
necessity of sensor technology, identification of
semiconductor material for sensor devices,
fabrication of IR imaging sensor, and gas sensor
test-devices, device production and available
platforms, and scope of the manufacturing
opportunities on sensors for researchers


  • Design and development of infrared image
  • sensing detectors
  • Organic semiconductor thin films based
  • sensors
  • Introduction to MEMS based sensors
  • Infrared image sensor devices
  • Autonomous gas leak detection
  • Semiconductor based photodetectors
  • Nanoscale devices for emerging technology
  • Nanostructure based photovoltaic devices
  • Fabrication of infrared image, photodetector,
  • and gas sensors
  • Fiber based optical sensors


The resource faculty includes experts from topmost Research labs, Academia, and Industry.


Engineering college teachers from AICTE
approved colleges are eligible to apply for the course.

MODE: The course will be online, and attendance during all the sessions is compulsory. The course link will be sent to shortlisted candidates (maximum of 100) by 12-03-2022.


  • Last date for applications : 10-03-2022
  • Intimation of selection : 11-03-2022
  • Confirmation of participation : 12-03-2022


Dr. Y. Ashok Kumar Reddy
Assistant Professor of Physics,
Indian Institute of Information Technology
Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM)
Kancheepuram, Chennai – 600 127
Tel: +91 – 44 – 2747 6369


Certified that Dr./Sri./Smt. ……………………… is a faculty of our Institute and is being sponsored hereby for attending the QIP short term course on “Sensors Technology” be conducted by the Department of Sciences and Humanities (Physics), IIITDM Kancheepuram in online mode from 14th to 19th March 2022.

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