Call for Participation: Student Forum Series- Reading Club- Ecology in Literature

Organizer: PG & Research Department of English, Providence College for Women, Autonomous, Spring Field, Coonoor In collaboration with Department of English Al Shifa College of Arts and Science, Perithalmanna, Kerala

About the Programme

The Reading Club of the department is a home to book lovers. The members meet regularly to share their experiences with books. The sessions by staff and students enable young minds to think out of the box and develop a new set of attitudes in the direction of life. The club opens the window of opportunities for students to become engaged and enthralled with endless world of literature, allowing them to share countless enkindled opinions. The club’s new initiative is to invites student speakers from institutions all over to present and discuss a book or a writer adhering to the chosen theme.

Student Forum Series

  • The sessions will be online on alternative Tuesdays at 6 pm.
  • E certificates will be provided to all presenters and participants.

Life for humans is unimaginable without an interaction with the natural world. Times have changed and our environment is taken for granted. Nature is the essence of our existence and we need to treat it better to coexist with it. With this in view, the department of Postgraduation and research in English, Providence College for Women, Coonoor and Al Shifa College of Arts and Science, Perithalmanna collaborate to focus on the interest in environment and humanity for the Student Series Forum – an initiative of the Reading Club.

Invite student presenters from all over the country to share their ideas on:

  • Respect for nature
  • Responsibility on the part of mankind
  • Damages caused to nature
  • Commitment to reverse
  • Climate crisis
  • Types of eco criticism
  • Application of the theory to literary texts

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Dr. N. Bhuvana, Head & Associate Professor
Dr. Anitha R, Assistant Professor
Ms. Irene Babu, Research Scholar
Ms. Lakshmypriya P. P. ,Research Scholar

Contact: 8610535717, 9976034900

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