Tele Networking Across States (Tele- MANAS) Launched for Students

UGC, India

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has launched a landmark initiative of Tele Mental Health Assurance and Networking Across States (Tele MANAS) on 1oth October, 2022 on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, which aims to provide free tele- mental health services all over the country round the clock, particularly catering to people in remote or under-served areas.

Students can Call

ln this regard, it is stated that a toll-free,24×7 helpline number 14416 or 1800-891-4416 has been set up to cater and deliver the health care services to the last mile free of cost and Tele MANAS has performed commendably since its launch, which further needs popularizing amongst masses creating awareness about the availability of such service which is free of cost and available 24×7.

Further, the new logo (copy enclosed) has been launched to Tele- MANAS at the National Health
Mental Health Conclave on the occasion ot World Mental Health Day- 2023 i.e., 1oth October, 2023 and the anniversary of NTMHP. The Higher Educational institutions are requested to widely publicize about the Tele- MANAS helptine which is available for the benefit of those in need of mental health and wellness services, free of cost and available 24×7

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