The baby brain: Learning in Leaps and Bounds

Organizer: Knowable Magazine

About the Session

  • When: March 24, 12:30am IST
  • Virtual Platform


Damien Fair, Cognitive Neuroscientist, University of Minnesota

Miriam Calderón, Chief Policy Officer, Zero to Three

Moderator: Emily Underwood, Science Content Producer, Knowable Magazine

Every baby’s brain has a nearly infinite potential to learn and thrive, coupled with an exquisite vulnerability to adverse experiences, starting in utero. By the time a child reaches kindergarten, their brain has more than doubled in size, on average. But, as any parent will tell you, every child reaches such milestones on their own schedule.

On Thursday, March 23, join Knowable Magazine and Annual Reviews for a live, virtual conversation with leading developmental cognitive neuroscientist Damien Fair and Zero to Three’s Miriam Calderón, a national expert in early education policy. Find out what brain scan studies that follow infants from pregnancy to preschool and beyond are revealing about “typical” brain development, as well as neurodivergent conditions like autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This event is for anyone who cares about brain health and wants to know more about how to set kids up for success — from parents to pediatricians, childcare professionals and teachers.

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