Two Day International Conference on “Humanities in the Twenty-first Century: Aesthetics, Theory and Praxis”

Organizer: Postgraduate and Research Department of English, Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous), Kollam, Kerala, India

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  • When: 18 and 19 February, 2022
  • Free Registration

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Event Details

Day 1: 18/02/2022 , Friday
Inaugural Session, 9:00 am, IST
Prayer Song : Department Choir

Welcome Address: Dr Clara B. Reshma, HoD

Presidential Address: Prof Jojo P.J. , Principal, FMNC, Kollam
Benedictory Address: Rev Fr Abhilash Gregory, Pro-Manager, FMNC, Kollam

Keynote Speaker: Prof Suja Kurup P.L., Institute of English
Topic: “The Humanities and Us”: The Value of the Humanities in the 21st Century

Vote of Thanks: Dr Supriya M, Dean of Arts, FMNC (Autonomous), Kollam

Session II: 11:00 am IST

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sony Jalarajan Raj,
MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada.
Topic: “Incarcerated Dreams: An Evaluation on the New Awakening of Global Fourth World (Indigenous) Cinema”

Session III: Technical Sessions- Time: 12 to 1 pm

Technical Session I: Chaired by Dr Kishore Ram, Associate Prof, MMNSS Kottiyam
Title: “Theorising Art Forms”

Time: 2 pm to 3 pm
Technical Session II: Chaired by Mr Christy Clement,
Assistant Prof, FMNC (Autonomous),Kollam
Title: “Reading Nuances of Humanities”

Time: 3 pm to 4 pm
Technical Session III: Chaired by Dr Y. Mercy Famila, Assistant Prof, FMNC (Autonomous),Kollam Title: “Rethinking Feminism”

Day 2: 19/02/2022 , Saturday

Session I 9:00 am IST

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Parvathy Bhooshanan, Faculty, Calhoun Community College, Alabama
Topic: “Ecoliterature: Footprints across the Anthropocene Epoch”

Session II11:00 am IST

Keynote Speaker: Ms Smita John
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Govt College, Attingal, Thiruvananthapuram
Topic: “Literature as the Semiotic Door to Popular Culture: Aesthetics, Theory and Praxis”

Technical Session I: Chaired by Ms Smita John, Assistant Prof, Govt College, Attingal,
Title: “Aesthetics of Theatre”

Technical Session II: Chaired by Dr Supriya M, Dean of Arts, FMNC (Autonomous), Kollam
Title: “Praxis in Literature: Methods and Means”

Valedictory Session: 4:00 pm IST

Keynote Speaker: Dr Thea Buckley FHEA,
Research Assistant, SSESW, Queen’s University Belfast UK

Topic: “Bloody Seas, Moving Stones, and Speaking Trees: Ecocritical Aesthetics in 21st Century South
Indian Shakespeare Cinema”

Vote of Thanks: Mr Stancilaus S., Assistant Professor. FMNC (Autonomous), Kollam

National Anthem

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