Two-day International Virtual Conference on Drawing Meaning through Visual Narratives

Organizer: The Department of Languages, Presidency University, Bangalore

About the Conference

  • When: 2nd & 3rd August, 2023
  • Registration Fees 1000 INR
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams
  • The last date for submission of abstract is June 20th, 2023

Unpublished papers that are of high quality and original in nature will be selected for publication in a book with ISBN under the aegis of Presidency University

The popularity and recognition of visual narratives—such as comic books, graphic novels, and other types of illustrated storytelling—has grown significantly in recent years as an approach to bridge the linguistic and cultural divide. They offer a unique opportunity to combine text and image, enabling readers to interact with intricate ideas and emotions in a more comprehensive and immersive way. With the overarching objective of examining the connections between visual narratives, literature, English Language Teaching (ELT), and linguistics, this conference will bring together researchers, educators, and students to share ideas and experiences. The conference will feature keynote speech, plenary speeches and paper presentations. We welcome research paper submissions from scholars, educators, and practitioners from various fields, including literature, linguistics, ELT, media studies, and visual arts. This interdisciplinary conference aims to provide a forum for exchanging creative ideas and practices related to visual narratives, fostering cross- disciplinary collaborations, and inspiring new research and pedagogical approaches.


• To provide a platform for interaction among academicians, researchers, writers and linguists.
• To reflect on visual narratives in its socio-cultural context.
• To examine graphic novels, comics and digital storytelling as emerging domains.
• To foster creativity and critical thinking through textual analysis.
• To enhance the research skills and competence of researchers.

Resource Persons:

  1. Dr. T. Ravichandran, Professor of English, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  2. Dr. Priyanka Tripathi, Associate Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna
  3. Dr Neil Cohn, Associate Professor (English), Department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University, Netherlands
  4. Dr. Amrita Satapathy, Associate Professor (English), School of Humanities, Social Sciences & Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar
  5. Dr Boopathi P, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of English Studies, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Central University of Tamil Nadu
  6. Esra Mirze Santesso, Associate Professor, Department of English,
    University of Georgia, Athens GA 30602, USA

Invite original and unpublished papers from Academicians, Research scholars, Students and Working professionals from related areas.


  • Literature
    • Graphic Novels
    • Film Studies
    • Comics
    • Visual Poetry
    • Cultural Narratives
    • Life Writings
    • Narrative Theory
    • Gender and Identity
    • Comics and Modernism
    • Postcolonialism and Graphic Novels
    • Postmodern trends
    • History and Graphic Texts
    • Social Media
    • Digital Storytelling
    • Children’s Literature
    • Political Discourse
    • Memes and Cultural Discourse
    • Cognitive interpretation
    • Semantic interpretation
    • Pragmatic interpretation
    • Structural Analysis
    • Visual Narrative Grammar
    • Discourse Analysis, Critical Discourse Analysis
    • Linguistic Typology
    • Narrative Comprehension, Coherence, Sequentiality, Temporality, Ambiguity, etc.
    • Cross-Linguistic, Cross-Cultural Study
    • Visual Language Theory
    • Corpus Creation/Analysis
    • Translation and its challenges
    • Story-telling/ Life narration
    • Framing the Narratives
    • Use of Visual Narratives for Language Disorders/Impairments
    • Visual Narration in Contemporary Art, Meme, Reels, etc
    • Visual Narrative Texts as Discourse in Education
    • Teaching through Visual Narratives
    • Social media in Language Education
    • Visual narratives as cultural texts for Teacher Education
    • Exploring creativity through student’s artwork
    • Critical Discourse Analysis in Education Discourse


  • Standard A4 size paper with 1.5 margins on all sides
  • Double spacing throughout
  • Scripts should be in MS Word (2003-2007)- Times New Roman, Font size-12
  • Title Page: Full name of the author(s), Designation, Email, Affiliation and title of the paper
  • All full submissions should follow the 8th edition of MLA style sheet for citing sources
  • Abstracts must not exceed 300 words
  • Full papers must be a minimum word limit of 2500 and a maximum limit of 4000 words

Link for abstract submission: Click Here


Mr. Nissar Ahmed
– Honourable Chancellor, Presidency University
Dr. D. Subhakar,

Dr. A.M. Surendra Kumar,
Pro Vice Chancellor – Academic & Examination
Dr. Muddu Vinay, Pro Vice Chancellor – SOM & SOL
Mr. Mrinmoy Biswas- Registrar, Corporate Relations
Dr. Sameena Noor Ahmad Panali – Registrar
Dr. Abdul Sharief, Dean SOE
Dr. Shrishail B. Anadinni, Associate Dean SOE
Dr. Neha Jain, Head, Department of Languages

Prof A H Parvin, Convener
Dr. Naresh Naidu, Co-Convener
Dr Narsimhamurthy, Coordinator
Dr Noor Fathima, Coordinator
Dr Sufiya Pathan, Coordinator
Dr Kashif Ilyas, Coordinator
Dr Sayani Banerjee, Coordinator
Dr P. B Sharon, Coordinator
Dr Tychicus David, Coordinator

Prof A H Parvin (+918310042668)
Dr. Naresh Naidu (+919989193698)

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