Two Day Symposium on Indian Folk Studies in Theory and Practice

Organizer: The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Ropar (with the generous support of the J P Narayan National Centre of Excellence in the Humanities, IIT Indore)

  • When: February 3-4, 2024
  • There is no registration fee for the seminar
  • Call for Papers
  • Certificates of participation will be given to all the attendees
  • No travel bursary or accommodation is available


Prof. Sanjay Kumar (Department of English, BHU)
Dr. Natasa Thoudam, (School of Liberal Arts, Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur)
Dr. Nikhila H., (Department of Film Studies, EFLU)
Nitin Chandra, (Filmmaker, Recipient of National Award, 2015)
Surojit Sen (Author and Independent Researcher)

What is Indian folk culture? How does it survive alongside the mainstream? Funded by the J P Narayan National Centre of Excellence in the Humanities, IIT Indore, this two-day symposium invites scholars and independent researchers from India and abroad alike to share their views on the theory, practice and endangerment of Indian folk cultures.

The goal of this symposium is twofold. First, we aim to host and listen to a set of multidisciplinary plenary speakers, each of whom working on the folk culture of different ethnic parts of the country. Their individual talks and the following discussion will form the basis of the second part individual paper presentations by 10 research students on topics related to folklore studies. Competitive and selected on the basis of the abstracts submitted, a travel bursary + accommodation will be provided to each paper presenter from India. International scholars will have the opportunity to present their research papers through an online mode.

The presentations will be moderated by the plenary speakers. Together, this symposium hopes to achieve a comprehensive and concise commentary on the status of folk studies in India along with its future within and beyond academia. Also, selected abstracts, if expanded into full-fledged book chapters, may be published in a co-edited volume published by an international publisher.


  • Indian folk culture in theory and practice.
  • Folk and the Dalit question.
  • Archiving and disseminating the folk pedagogy.
  • Indian folk studies in a global background.
  • Folk songs, poetry and literature.
  • Folk studies and questions of caste, class and gender.
  • Folk culture and religious practices.
  • Folk culture and traditional ecological knowledge.
  • Folk Studies and Films

For the Paper Presenters: We are accepting abstracts only from postgraduate and research students from any discipline. There is no registration fee for the seminar. Each successful paper presenter will be
given a travel bursary not exceeding INR 5000 (to be reimbursed after the the production of supporting documents). Accommodation on a shared basis (all meals included) will be arranged by the organizers. Only international scholars can present their research online.

  • Deadline for abstract submission is Nov 30, 2023
  • Selected participants will be notified by December 7, 2023

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Dr. Dibyakusum Ray (Assistant Professor, IIT Ropar)
Rakesh Kumar Pankaj (Senior Research Fellow, IIT Ropar)
Pratik Kumar Mahant (Senior Research Fellow, IIT BHU)

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