Virtual Commerce and Management Fest: CAMFEST-2022

Organizer: Commerce and Management Association Kanoria PG Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur

About the Fest

  • When: 2nd – 3rd February, 2022
  • Participants should register themselves latest by 1st February, 2022.

Just-A-Minute (JAM) (02-02-2022)

  1. Only two students can participate from one college.
  2. Time limit will be one minute.
  3. Random topic will be given on the spot.
  4. To register, an authorized letter from the college including Name of the Student, Class, Contact Number and email ID is to be sent to the convener. Convener will send the registration link on your email ID.
  5. Participants can speak in English or Hindi (only one language).
  6. Judges’ decision will be final.
  7. E-Certificates will be given to all participants.
  8. Participants should assure that they do not have any network issues.
  9. Registration closes on 1st February, 2022.
    For further queries Contact: Dr. Priyanka Khurana- 9828667067 (WhatsApp)

CAM-QUIZ (03-02-2022)

One participant from One College

  • Quiz will be based on Commerce and Management
  • Quiz will be conducted in three rounds
    Round 1- Elimination Round
    Round 2- Qualifying Round
    Round 3- Rapid Fire
  • Round-1 will be conducted through Google Form
  • In Round-1, there will be 25 questions to be completed in 20 minutes
  • Qualifying Criteria for Round-2: Maximum questions in Minimum Time
  • Round 2 and 3 will be live Round
  • Rules of Round 2 and 3 will be shared before starting of the Rounds
  • Participants should assure that they do not have network issue.
  • For Registration, Click Here
  • Round 1 – 2nd February, 2022 at 11:30 am
    Round 2 and 3 – 3rd February, 2022
    For Further Queries Contact Dr. Preeti Agarwal-9602658327 (between 11am to 2 pm)
    NOTE- Registered students will get the link for Round- 1 on the WhatsApp group created.


Dr. Seema Agrawal, Principal

Dr. Neetu Mathur – Mobile No. – 9828544080
Dr. Ragini Sharma – Mobile No. – 7849826032

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