Virtual Session on Security Spotlight: Cyber Trust Mark

  • When: January 24, 2024 | 11:30 PM IST
  • Free Registration
  • 5 Experts. 40 Minutes. 20+ Burning Questions.

The Cyber Trust Mark is redefining security and privacy for the Internet of Things (IoT). But what does it mean for manufacturers? Join us January 24 to find out.

IoT-related security risks threaten households, privacy,and consumer trust. But regulators are fighting back. The Cyber Trust Mark sets a new standard for device security.

But what does the program entail? How does certification work? What kinds of threats do manufacturers need to be aware of? And — most importantly — how will the Cyber Trust Mark impact the future of the Internet of Things?

In 40 minutes, you’ll hear industry experts answer all these questions — and learn everything you need to know about securing connected devices.

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