Volunteer Opportunity: Become a Cultural Networker

Cultural networking is a type of networking where the goal is to learn about the unique perspectives and situations of other people in the world. Culture can refer to beliefs, personality, nationality, lived experience, or anything else that meaningfully differentiates communities or individuals. By engaging in cultural networking, we can boost empathy, understanding, and the critical ability for people to cooperate.

About Acquaint

Acquaint is a community of Volunteers who engage in cultural networking to raise global awareness and overcome toxic divisions in the world. Volunteers connect one-on-one via the Acquaint platform, and a series of virtual experiences serve as icebreakers for conversation. As a Volunteer, you will complete a short mentorship and training program. After that, you will enter your availability each week via our website and be paired with fellow volunteers based on the times you entered. The pairings are random: You could end up talking to someone right down the street from you or on the other side of the world! No matter who you are talking to, the goals are to:

  • Practice active listening
  • Be curious and ask questions
  • Practice tolerance
  • Share about yourself
  • Avoid subjects that could be flashpoints for anger
  • Put your best food forward (for example, the kind of effort you would put into a job interview or negotiation)
  • Keep it positive

Requirements for Volunteering: Volunteers must be able to speak and read in English, and must have access to internet connection.

Apply Here

Website: http://www.acquaint.org


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