Webinar on Create Educational Videos using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Organizer: DELNET-LIRC, NIIT University,Neemrana

About the Webinar

  • When: May 31, 2023 at 3:00 PM IST
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Speaker : Dr Yogendra Pal, Asstt Professor, Educational Technology, NIIT University, Neemrana, Rajasthan

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About the Webinar Organizers

DELNET-Developing Library Network, New Delhi is a major Resource Sharing Library Network in India connecting more than 8000 institutions in 33 states in India and few other countries comprising of niversities, Colleges, R&D organisations, medical hospitals, etc. DELNET is devoted to the Modernisation & Networking of Libraries. It is located in Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, New Delhi and has its Coordination Units at Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Pune. . “Networking Libraries, Sharing and Spreading Knowledge” remains the prime objective of DELNET for which it is working relentlessly for past more than 30 years. DELNET has received the prestigious IIPA Award for Excellence in Public Services.The main objectives of DELNET is to promote resource sharing among the Member-Libraries by collecting, storing and disseminating information and by offering networked library services to users; to undertake research in the area of information science and technology, offer technical guidance to Member-Libraries; coordinate efforts for suitable collection development; facilitate and promote Inter Library Loan and delivery of documents, etc. DELNET has developed Discovery Portal, Knowledge Gainer Portal and Vision Portal (Video Lectures). The portals have sophisticated features for advance knowledge discovery. It is a simple, single window discovery layer which encourages the users to explore the networked library/knowledge resources offered through DELNET in a feature-rich environment. DELNET is a great boon for faculty, researchers, scholars, students, etc. of Member-Institutions. DELNET has also developed an exclusive portal for Schools i.e. “DELDRESS Portal”. More Here

LIRC, NIIT University, Neemrana: The LIRC of the University is an essential component of its research and education programmes. The LIRC continues to march towards its mission of facilitating the creation of new knowledge. It fulfils the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It supports the institute’s mission to create an atmosphere of academic excellence in which new ideas emerge and lead to research. It aims to achieve this through the acquisition, organisation, and dissemination of LIRC materials, support for the exploitation by users of the rich and diverse collections, and the development of a highly motivated, knowledgeable, and skilled team. LIRC has also developed five corners: 1) Placement corner – It contains books related to placement and higher studies like GATE, GRE; so that interested students can take advantage of this collection; 2) Utkarsh alcove : where motivational and fiction books are arranged, and sitting arrangements are also made for students who like to read such books; 3) AC approved text books : it contains multiple copies of AC approved books that are arranged for the student’s convenience; 4) Recommended gifted books: this corner contains a special collection of gifted books; 5) Hindi collection: a hindi book collection is also being developed. LIRC is fully computerised and managed. It organises books using Koha (Open-Source-Integrated Library System). The LIRC catalogue can be accessed online. NIIT University, Neemrana is an esteemed member institution of DELNET. Dr Vinay Kumar Kainthola is Library Incharge at NIIT University Library, Neemrana. He is also a Webinar Coordinator for the upcoming session. More Here Email : vinay.kainthola@niituniversity.in

About the Speaker

Dr Yogendra Pal, a PhD from IIT Bombay, is an Assistant Professor in Educational Technology at NIIT University (NU). He has seven years of experience in industry, research and academia. His teaching and research areas focus on the use of information and communications technology to impart education, especially to teach computer programming to non-English speaking students. He has, in fact, been producing videos to teach programming to Hindi speakers on his YouTube channel, ‘Learn By Watch’, since 2009. Prior to joining NU, Dr Pal worked as a project research scientist in the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department at IIT Bombay, where he managed the front-end of IIT Bombay’s MOOC platform, IITBombay X, using Drupal. Previously, after completing his PhD in 2016, he launched a YouTube channel, ETmantra, to provide training and support to teachers for developing educational content. He began his career as a Project Engineer in C-DAC Mumbai after completing his master’s degree in CSE in 2009. Dr Pal brings his varied experience of working in industry, research and teaching, along with his expertise in running his own content channels, to NU.

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