Webinar on How to Build Proactivity Prowess at Work

Organizer: World of Work Project

About the Webinar

  • When: 31st Jan 2024 at 6.30 pm GMT– 18:30 – 19:30 IST
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About Our Guest Speaker

This talk is brought to you by Joe Gray, whose doctoral thesis in Occupational Psychology was a deep exploration of ‘The Nuanced Nature of Proactivity at Work’. Joe is a commercially minded business psychologist and executive coach with a passion for results. She is a ‘pracademic’ with a diverse professional background, on a mission to combine her business expertise with her knowledge of organisational and social psychology to make workplaces work better. She epitomises proactive behaviour, a challenger and change-maker who is determined to help people and organisations unleash their potential. 

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Did you know…….32% of all job postings on Indeed.com  include proactivity as a desired competency, across a variety of different job functions.Proactive behaviour comes in many forms, from speaking up on important issues, coming up with innovative ideas, to taking charge of new initiatives. Proactive behaviour at work tends to involve making things happen and is positively associated with work satisfaction and career success. But proactivity at work is not without its risks, in fact under certain circumstances this form of self-directed behaviour can lead to lower performance ratings, conflict with co-workers, work-family conflict and stress-related outcomes  

About This Session

This seminar aims to demonstrate how proactive endeavors at work can go wrong and what you can do to find a way forward, so that all the energy you put into being proactive is put to good effect. 

Who’s the seminar aimed at?

This seminar will benefit employees who want to have better experiences of being proactive at work; whilst also benefiting leaders who can use the knowledge to help create the right conditions for proactivity at work to thrive.

Why will attending this seminar help you and/or your organization?

In this seminar, Joe will share new insights to help deepen your appreciation of the risks of being proactive at work and will provide some tips and techniques, centred around building self and situational awareness, influencing tactics and interacting with others. Thereby enabling you to put some of the ideas into practice straight away.

About Us

The World of Work Project is a community interest company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We design and deliver team and leadership development programmes for organizations around the world. We also help organizations to understand their cultures and ways of working and to change them for the better. You can learn more about us via our website or by listening to our podcast (via podlink).

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