Webinar Series on Rethink for Climate Resilience

Organizer: The Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) & Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

About the Webinar Series

  • When: 31st January,2024 at 16:30 hrs
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Free Registration

As the world grapples with escalating climate challenges, the imperative to reimagine urban spaces for heightened resilience and sustainability has never been more critical.

Rethink for Climate Resilience is a collaborative effort aimed at fostering the exchange of knowledge on diverse aspects of building climate resilience. The Series brings together enlightening sessions featuring experts and visionaries leading the charge in climate resilience.

In this regard, the first webinar of Rethink for Climate Resilience is titled as ‘Circularity in Water for Urban Resilience’. For urban areas, India allocates substantial funds for distant water sources, much of which becomes wastewater. Recently, the UN’s 2023 has reported imminent groundwater exhaustion in India, heightening cities’ vulnerability and resilience issues. Further, the high costs and limited awareness deter Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) from adopting reuse. Recently, home-grown, nature-based, innovative wastewater treatment technologies are recognised to upscale reuse. The webinar explores innovative solutions, best practices, and real-world case studies, focusing on circularity in water for urban spaces.

Key topics to be discussed

The Significance of Safe Reuse of Treated Water
Defining Safe Reuse Standards
Implementing Safe Reuse in Cities – Case Studies
Emerging Technologies and Circular Water Systems

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V. Srinivas Chary
Professor and Director, Administrative Staff College of India
CEO, WASH Innovation Hub

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