Inviting contributions for an upcoming edited volume titled “Train Narratives: Journeys, Histories, and Imaginations,” which aims to explore the multifaceted experiences, cultural representations, and historical significance of trains and train travel. This collection seeks to bring together diverse perspectives from literature, history, sociology, film studies, and other disciplines. In addition to academic research articles, we are also accepting submissions of stories and poems that resonate with the theme of trains and train travel

  • Personal and collective memories of train journeys
  • The train as a site of cultural exchange and social interaction
  • Representation of trains in literature, cinema, and art
  • The historical evolution of trains and their impact on society
  • Trains as symbols of industrialization, modernity, or nostalgia
  • Psychological and philosophical reflections on train travel
  • Environmental and technological aspects of train travel
  • The role of trains in migration, displacement, and diaspora narratives

Important Dates

Full paper submission: June 15, 2024
Acceptance notification: June 30,2024
Release of Hard copy and E-book: July 15, 2024

Submit Articles to:

Editor: Dr. Bibin Sebastian, Assistant Professor in the Department of Languages, Rajagiri College of Social
Sciences (Autonomous), Cochin, Kerala, specializing in cultural studies, English literature, and posthumanism.

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