Virtual Session on Music and Music Therapy for a Resource for Health and Well-being

Organizer: Anglia Ruskin University & Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research

About the Session

  • When: Date & TimeSep 25, 2023 10:00 PM IST
  • Free Registration
  • Platform: Zoom

Speaker: Professor Annie Heiderscheit, PhD, MT-BC, LMFT, Director of Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy Research

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Around the world, music-based interventions and music therapy are being researched to explore their viability in address complex health issues of patients and their families. This growing body of research literature has fostered leading funding organizations to open funding opportunities specifically examining the potential of music-based interventions and music therapy. Learn what is leading healthcare providers and clinical researchers to examine the capacity of music and music therapy to meet persistent and challenging healthcare needs.

Discover results from some of the latest research and directions for future research.

More about the speaker

Annie Heiderscheit, Ph.D., MT-BC, LMFT is Professor of Music Therapy & Director of the Cambridge Institute of Music Therapy Research at Anglia Ruskin University. Prior to her arrive at ARU, she served in academic posts and has been a board-certified music therapist for 32 years and a licensed marriage and family therapist for 12 years in the US. She has been conducting music therapy research for nearly 25 years and has been engaged in music-based and music therapy research that has garnered several millions of US dollars in research funding. She has conducted research with patients and their families in various mental health, medical and community based settings.

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