Webinar on A Holistic Approach to Peace Engineering: Beyond Technical Excellence


About the Webinar

  • When: Jul 5, 2023 06:30 PM IST
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  • Platform: Zoom

Session by: ” Tania Cristina D’Agostini Bueno was First Vice President & Treasurer 2017-2019 of IFEES. She is Director of Technology for MR Predictions S. A., President of the Institute for Electronic Government and Intelligence and Systems – i3G, and Founding Member.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought with it a reality that engineers can no longer ignore: environmental degradation, inequality and social conflicts, as well as the lack of ethics in automation and artificial intelligence. These problems demand immediate solutions, and engineering has a great responsibility in this context. However, despite the enormous advances in technical-scientific knowledge, there are still many problems to be solved. The excessive use of technology by modern industry can lead to the extinction of life on Earth, and all areas of engineering will face the scarcity and degradation of their raw materials. It is in this context that Peace Engineering emerges as an area of great importance. Peace Engineering uses engineering principles to promote peace, justice, and sustainable development. It seeks to use technical solutions to prevent and mitigate conflicts and violence. As a field focused on technical knowledge, problem-solving, and efficiency, engineering is capable of using logical and scientific methods to tackle complex problems and find solutions. However, in this pursuit of technical excellence, the broader context of human values, emotions, and social impact may sometimes be overlooked. This idea resonates in the concept of Peace Engineering, which requires a multidimensional approach that considers not only technical aspects but also the broader social, cultural, and ethical dimensions of human well-being. Peace Engineering represents a new scientific era, where emotional and spiritual aspects are also considered in the equation.

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